THCC supports the Real Arizona Coalition

by Tucson Hispanic Chamber on February 20th, 2013

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber endorsed the Real Arizona Coalition in 2012. The Coalition made of 40 very diverse organizations worked to create a compromise resulting in a broad consensus called the S.A.N.E. Solution to Federal Immigration Reform. It is a platform based principally on respecting and acknowledging the contributions of the approximate 11 million immigrants here now without lawful authority, an understanding that many businesses and industries presently rely on this existing undocumented immigrant labor force, and the recognition that the continued and ongoing commercial and labor interests of state and national businesses require a rational and pragmatic immigration policy going forward.  The S.A.N.E. platform is a starting point for a reasoned and balanced approach to addressing the shortcomings of America’s broken immigration system.
S.A.N.E. moves beyond enforcement-only strategies and toward integrated policies that respect the contributions of immigrants while addressing the underlying problems with the U.S. immigration system.
S.A.N.E. is an acronym that establishes a framework for policymakers to concurrently address multiple aspects of immigration reform:
Secure our sovereign borders
Account for everyone in the U.S. without lawful authority
Necessary bureaucratic reforms
Engage all levels of government
“Mexico is Arizona's largest trading partner and with their growing economy represent an opportunity for businesses in Arizona for expansion and development. However, the ongoing pressures of a broken immigration system impede that growth. A reasonable, pragmatic approach to immigration reform at the national level must be accomplished by this Congress. The 40+ diverse organizations who have signed this commitment have worked hard to compromise to meet the needs of our country- it's time for the federal government to do so as well,” said Lea Marquez Peterson, president and chief executive officer of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber.

Please visit for more details and to sign up to support.

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