Hispanic Culture

Over the past decades, the Hispanic population in the USA has shown tremendous rise. For the uninitiated, Hispanics are people who have origins related to the country Spain. In the recent years, the term Hispanics is also used to categorize a larger group of population in the US who originally belonged to the nations ruled by Spain.

Besides that, various parts of Central and Southern American countries, Mexico and even Philippines have cultures related to the Spanish origin. 'Latinos' or Latin Americans and people with Portuguese origin are also an integral part of Hispanic culture and traditions. California, Texas, New York, and Florida are the four states that constitute more than 70% of the total Hispanic population in the US. One of the most simple Hispanics culture facts is that majority of the Hispanic population speaks Spanish language.

Hispanic Culture in the United States

Hispanic people are vibrant, socializing and fun loving people. Among various Hispanic culture facts, the most amazing fact is that Hispanics have a deep sense of involvement in their family traditions and cultures. Encompassing a wide range of activities, Hispanic culture facts are interesting to know and read about.

Family Bonding
In Hispanic families, there is a culture of living in closely knit groups that not only contains grandfathers and grandchildren but all generations whose descendants are alive. In most of the families, father acts as a chief of the family while mother works as a housewife. All adults and working individuals in Hispanic family realize the importance of work and they make efforts to help other family members in times of need that may be related to education, health and other requirements. The family ties are strengthened by traveling to relatives places and homes during vacations and holidays. Relatives and acquaintances are given lot of care and respect.

General Manners
Hispanics are generally formal in their treatments and a firm handshake is a common practice between people. A light kiss on cheek and hug are also common forms of greeting close acquaintances, family members and friends. When Hispanics are addressing someone with informal words, generally they are very fast, loud and use a lot of body language gestures to convey their points.

One of the Hispanic culture facts is that religion plays a significant role in the daily life of Hispanics with more than 90% of the population being Roman Catholic. Churches and spiritual activities influence family activities and families unite together to involve in prayers and sermons. More than birthday's of children, the saint's day of every community is celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm.

Dietary Habits
Another Hispanic culture facts is that Hispanics follow a three day meal system. Generally, there is a culture of eating lunch and dinner in the presence of all family members. Students and working individuals are expected to return home after work or school to have lunch together with the family members. Light breakfast and light evening meal are necessary part of Hispanic eating habits. Coffee and snacks are popular in evening coffee time.

Hispanics celebrate international festivals with great pomp and show. Christmas Eve, New Year's Day and the Three Kings' Day are some of the most commonly celebrated festivals. While the term iesta naciona refers to national official holiday, las fiestas refer to local festivals. Festivals are government declared holidays and generally and during these times, the Hispanics enjoy a lot.