Our Alliance Partners in Mexico

Our Alliance Partners:
In response to the needs and interests of our members, the Tucson Hispanic Chamber has established a series of partnerships to promote regional economic development in Mexico.

Our partners represent an excellent opportunity to support our businesses with an innovative vision that offers a wealth of international networking. We recognize and support each partner’s leadership and shared vision that offers to grow our region's place in the international trade and commerce arena.

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce proudly supports and represents the expansion and growth of your business.

MTCVB www.visittucson.org
Vamos a Tucson www.vamosatucson.com
Arizona District Export Council " TARGET="_self">www.exportaz.org
Arizona Commerce Authority www.azcommerce.com
SALEO www.saleo.org

Cities in Mexico:
Imuris, Sonora www.imuris.gob.mx
Magdalena, Sonora www.magdalenadekino.com.mx
Santa Ana, Sonora www.santaana.gob.mx
Caborca, Sonora www.caborca.gob.mx

Business Entities:
CANACO ServyTur Hermosillo, Sonora www.canacohermosillo.com.mx
CANACOPE ServyTur Hermosillo, Sonora www.canacopehermosillo.com
COPARMEX Hermosillo, Sonora www.coparmexsonoranorte.org.mx
CMIC Hermosillo, Sonora http://cmicsonora.org
CANADEVI Hermosillo, Sonora www.canadevisonora.org.mx
CANACO ServyTur Nogales, Sonora www.canaconogales.com.mx

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is honored to have collaborative economic development agreements with several cities in Sonora Mexico and Mexican chambers of Commerce.
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